Mindful of the Present: ArtVive and Art

In my mind, the arts ought to be the antithesis to this development. Art, from inception through creation to completion and viewing, should enrapture its audience. Art stops time, freezes thought, as we sit in its presence and are surrounded by whatever aspect of “being” it espouses. Still, Instagram and its cohorts are riddled with selfies and squad pics, perfectly filtered and curated little galleries showing off our experiences with art. ...

A Cheeky Rebel: Benjamin Irritant

Wander through the streets of London and you may find yourself coming across what seems to be dystopian propaganda; the words ‘Prisoner of More’ echoing over a black and white background or a well-suited man with a rabbit head, carrying a picket that reads 'They Lie We Buy.’ These are the provocative posters of Benjamin Irritant.