A Storm in Staten Island’s Artist Alley: Climate Change Ain’t Nothin’ to Mess With

One mural in particular has taken the world by storm. ‘Climate Change Ain’t Nothing to Mess With’ went viral across the internet for its image of a weather advisory, warning of impending hurricane Wu. Designed by Staten artist Cody Prez and curated by Tariq Zaid of RHC, the mural is part of a community initiative to raise awareness around social issues and Staten’s art scene.

Dying, Then Living: The Moriviví Collective [Guest Post]

I was interviewing Raysa because she’s one-fourth of the Moriviví Collective, a group I first heard of some years ago, thanks to a controversial mural they made near a freeway in San Juan. They are four incredibly talented, young Puerto Rican women who create the most ethereal modern art I’ve ever seen – I also knew they went to the same visual arts high school as one of my best friends (Puerto Rico is a small island). I was intrigued by their art and story; however, when I asked Raysa if they meant for the collective to be constructed of just women, Raysa told me it had actually been purely coincidental.