2+2=5? – The Search for a Street Rebel

The street is the domain of the people, and it’s walls their canvas for expression. Which is why, upon arriving in Havana, I was surprised to see a distinct lack of dissident street art. Through the capital, and across Cuba, slogans and signs of the government cheer on the party propaganda; Yo Soy Fidel, Viva La Revolución, Hasta Siempre Comandante! But where was the opposition? [Read More...]

Ariel of Acebal: An Artist in Town

Under the dark sky of Argentina, the bus bounced along dirt backroads. We’d left Rosario an hour or so ago, and the distance had been filled mostly with visions of rural life. Civilization arrived in Acebal, and as we entered town I gazed lazily through the window. Pictures of quaint homes flashed by in quick session, when a four-eyed cat caught my eye. I blinked, unsure of what I’d seen. The bus carried on. Sabrina and I got off at her home, and I went to bed wondering about the mural. [Read More...]